About Us

Café Gervasi opened its doors on September 1st 1986, but its inception was much earlier than that. Café Gervasi’s owner, Mario Gervasi, came to Canada at the age of 18 from Cosenza, Italy with the hope for a better life. He left behind his parents, brothers and sisters and began working for many years in a steel company, constantly dreaming of owning his own business one day; the true American dream. In 1980, he married Maria Faustini and with her help and 4 year old twins at home, he made is dreams come true. On September 1st, 1986, Café Gervasi “Coffee none Better” opened in Saint-Leonard on Boul. Robert. It began as a small Italian Café and within 8 years it had grown into a Sports Bar and Ice Cream Shop to meet the needs of its customers and to attract new consumers. In 1992, Café Gervasi moved location, onto 8593 Boul. Langelier to expand and change with the times. At this location, Mario slowly began a small restaurant in the Café, offering a soup and a small sandwich for his clientele during lunch time. It wasn’t long before the news spread of the excellent food and services at Café Gervasi, causing Mario and his wife to expand the kitchen. Café Gervasi became not only a Café & Bar, but a fully functioning restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It is Homemade Cooking at its best, where the clients can savor some specialty Italian dishes, pizzas, sub-mariners, salads and much more. Now, after 27 years, you can not only have the best coffee in Montreal, but if you like a traditional home cooked meal, at Café Gervasi’s you must go! At Café Gervasi, many say it’s a home away from home, because one feels like your part of a family, and you are. Café Gervasi was built by a family, a family that now consists of Mario and Maria Gervasi, their 3 kids (Anthony, Emily & Mauro) and their 4 grandchildren, Juliano-Mario, Massimo, Mario Jr. and Maria-Clara; a large family that keeps growing, just like the Cafe. This is Mario’s story, his dream, his Cafe and his family. Come by and become part of the family!